Fair Isle, Flecks and Stripes yarns make the gift making season easy!

Yesterday we talked about the new yarn, Red Heart Super Saver Fair Isle. The Faux Fair Isle Knit Cowl is the best way to explore this yarn. It’s a simple stitch pattern that will show off the color of your yarn. You can really get to know the Fair Isle pattern and how the yarn does all the work for you with this cowl.

The pattern photo from the Faux Fair Isle Scarf

If you can knit and purl you can make this cowl. It consists of a seed stitch edge and stockinette stitch body. This is a very easy pattern, you go back and forth without too much fancy stitch work. When you get to the length you like, bind off and seam up the end.

The Faux Fair Isle Cowl knit in Super Saver Flecks and Heathers

The Fair Isle yarn is the yarn specified for this pattern, but you can knit it with any number of other styles of yarn. I chose to knit it with Super Saver Flecks and Heathers. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I love the look of this yarn and wanted to display the stitches of the pattern rather than the colorwork in Super Saver Fair Isle. The product photo shows off the yarn, so I thought we should be able to look at the pattern itself.

The product photo from the Easy Stripes Knit Cowl

There is also a very similar pattern for Super Saver Stripes. The pattern would show off Super Saver Stripes very well. If you’ve got a busy yarn you can use a nice easy pattern. The Stipe and Fair Isle yarns work well because the color ‘artfully pools’, in order to get the patterning or stripes a smaller width of knitting works best. If you knit a throw, the pattern stretches out over too many stitches and you lose the natural patterning of the yarn. Scarves, cowls, slippers, fingerless mittens, actual mittens, etc. These are all good examples of projects that are going to show Super Saver Fair Isle or Super Saver Stripes to the greatest advantage.

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