Fibra Natura Flax Lace is synonymous with summer!

I’m a little concerned about giving away all of the fun coming up in next week’s posts written by the exciting Cindy O’Malley!! I love the way Cindy sinks her teeth into a yarn (figuratively of course!) and wholeheartedly explores every facet of knitting with it.

Next week, starting Monday May 27, she looks at Fibra Natura Flax Lace, a yarn already explored on KNITmuch by our equally as awesome Cynthia MacDougall. Cynthia had used Flax Lace to make a whole collection of luxurious accessories for a bridal occasion.

Cindy is working the yarn à la Cindy! She’s thinking summer, and taking it to the beach.

Fibra Natura Flax Lace

Follow along as Cindy makes her version of free patterns such as the Blissful Tee and the Mesh Up Tee, knitting these up using Fibra Natura Flax Lace.

The Blissful Tee, originally knit up using sport yarn, see what it looks like knit up in Fibra Natura Flax Lace and how it’s done to achieve gauge.

Here’s the Mesh up Tee – crocheted actually, can you imagine it knit up? Cindy can and she did knit it up!

There is more, but like I said I’m afraid of spoiling the surprises ahead. Follow along to find out how Fibra Natura Flax Lace will make you ready for summer.

Follow along to find out how Fibra Natura Flax Lace is a summer beauty.

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