Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed | Learning more about this yarn

Join me this week to learn more about a yarn that I like working with. It comes in a variety of great colors and has a slightly rustic feel.

The yarn is Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed – Ochre.

3 Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed, skeins with labels, row counter, stitch markers and blocking wires

It’s a lightweight yarn: 177m (194yds) per 50g (1.75oz) hank. The content is a mix of 50% wool, 25% alpaca and 25% viscose.

What do I know about these fibers and what can I learn about the yarn?

Wool will keep me warm and creates good stitch definition. The alpaca will add warmth and a little halo to my knitting, and both alpaca and viscose will add drape to the fabric. So, based on all these, I browsed free patterns to find a suitable one that will allow me to learn more about this yarn and showcase the best of its properties.

I chose the Arum Shawl pattern, which is a pattern that uses the Kingston tweed yarn; no substitution required.

The Arum Shawl on a mannequin

The pattern asks for 3 skeins of yarn.

It is a lace pattern therefore I will need additional tools to make my work easy and enjoyable: stitch markers, a row counter, and blocking wires.

I have everything I need.

There’s a large assortment of stitch markers, so I can choose the ones I need for this project.

Supplies for the Arum Shawl

Join me tomorrow as I’ll discuss more about the pattern, choosing the needle size and swatching for the lace pattern.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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