Finishing the conversion of a knitted winter pullover into a spring cardigan

Thank you for joining my knitting adventure that started four days ago! I hope you have enjoyed following the conversion of the wintery Ribline Pullover by Rachel Brockman into a garden fresh spring cardigan, knit in UNIVERSAL YARN Cotton Supreme Waves (color Equator). Maybe you picked up a few important tips about the 3-needle bind off. Maybe you will make one for yourself!

When I left off yesterday’s post, all that remained to complete my spring Ribline cardigan was to add on the wooden buttons from Knit-One.

Cardigan showing neckband, buttonhole band and button band with button placement marked.

The final result is very pleasing, if I do say so myself! The wooden buttons certainly set off the lush and exuberant hues of the Equator colorway.

Completed cardigan, front view, showing the wooden buttons sewn in place.

Now have a look at the back of the cardigan. The 3-needle bind-off at the center back is the perfect choice to enhance a sideways knit design done with Slip Stitch Rib. And look how the seam really highlights the beauty of the self-striping yarn Cotton Supreme Waves! Al bacio/Chef’s kiss!

Completed cardigan, back view, showing the 3-needle bind-off seam at center back.

I am so pleased with the results of the converted cardigan; I took it out for a test drive in real life!

The actual vernal equinox (first day of spring) is a few weeks away, but I couldn’t wait to try out my new favorite cardigan. Trade secret: I went to an indoor tropical garden to get some realistic photos of what I will look like this spring when you see me walking around.

This is my finished cardigan converted from the Ribline Pullover which perfectly displays my passion for spring.

I’ll close this Cotton Supreme Waves knitting adventure that converted the Ribline Pullover into a lively spring cardigan with a quote from Virginia Woolf (author):

“I enjoy the spring more than autumn now, one does, I think, as one gets older.”

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