Finishing your knitted hat the right way

We’re finally ready to finish up our Top This! hats now that we’re at the end of the week. Finishing your knitted hat is the last step, and involve sewing up the top of the crown, weaving in any other loose ends of yarn, and in this case, attaching the cute little animal topper that comes with the kit. Finishing up any project is exciting because it means you’re just a few minutes away from having a completed item that you can wear or give away.

The crown of your hat after all the decreases are finished.

When you’ve completed all the decreases, remove any stitch markers you were using (they’ve finished their job now!) Cut your working yarn, but leave a long tail of at least 8 inches if not more.

Thread the end of the yarn onto a yarn needle, and thread the needle through the remaining stitches while they are still on the knitting needle (pictured below). Remove the knitting needles as the stitches are threaded. When you’ve got all remaining stitches threaded onto the yarn, pull it snug and if you wish, thread the yarn through the stitches again for extra security (next photo below). When you’re satisfied they are secure, pull the needle through to the inside of the hat and weave the yarn through a few stitches on the wrong side of the work. Tie a knot and cut the yarn, leaving a short end.

Use a yarn needle to thread the working yarn through the remaining stitches.

Sewing up the top.

Also remember to use the yarn needle to sew up the end of yarn from the cast-on edge (not shown). And in this case the very final step is to attach the cute little animal topper to the top of the crown – use the same yarn needle to thread the ribbon through the very center of the top, and tie it off on the inside of the work, as indicated by the pattern.

Don’t forget to attach the fun topper!

All finished!

Now these little cuties are all finished up and ready to be worn or saved as gifts! If you’re like me and want to keep up your knitting all year round, but don’t like big projects taking up space in your lap during the summer, then knitting hats are a nice way to keep some small projects in the mix. If you can add to your gift knitting pile then that is almost like having money in the bank! Finishing your knitted hat is the last step in this quick and satisfying process.

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