From Chic Sheep to An Italian Story

This week on KNITmuch, Cynthia MacDougall has an extraordinary week of yarn reviews looking at Red Heart Chic Sheep and the premium line, An Italian Story! She’ll tell you the important details about Chic Sheep, its beauty and outstanding colors!

She continues the week with a post for each of the yarns from An Italian Story premium line: Ora, Luce, Ombra, and Vera. She also shares the meaning of these elegant Italian words, and hopefully, by the end of this week, you’ll have learned a little Italian!

Speaking of Italian, when I read Cynthia’s Tuesday post, I had a flashback! Dad’s greeting to me was always, “Ciao bella!” which warmed my heart every time! I miss that.

I have the pleasure of knitting the Pole Cardigan by Joji using 100% merino wool, Chic Sheep, in Regal colorway, and regal it is! So soft and alluring. I’m almost finished, working on the second sleeve…

Knitting with Red Heart Chic Sheep yarn

Some of the bright and happy colorways of Red Heart Chic Sheep

As for An Italian Story, check out these yarns!

Ora: bulky and soft yarn

Luce: an elegant shimmer with sequins yarn

Ombra: a self-striping yarn

Vera: a wool and alpaca blend

Join us!

Ombra yarn cake, self-striping yarn

One of the four yarns we’ll be talking about this week, Red Heart Vera yarn, comfortable and cool!

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