Grande yarn: why it’s perfect for beginner and expert knitters alike

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re sitting somewhere with your knitting and one of two things happens, someone either says “I wish I could do that” or tries to get you to knit them something. Grande yarn from Red Heart is the perfect yarn to get you off and knitting with jumbo sized yarn. It’s very large and knitted items are completed much more quickly than with a light or medium weight yarn.

Beautiful colors from top to bottom, Wintergreen, Wisteria, and Foggy.

It’s just the way it is, I don’t have time to knit for other people. Not in a mean way or anything, I just have a lot of knitting to get done. When the time comes that I should get to knit something for myself I get very selective.

I never shoot anyone down harshly though. I always either refer them to someone who I know will knit for them, or offer to teach them to knit. Not too many people take me up on the offer, but I’m very sincere in spreading the good word of knitting.

The first project I have someone do is a plain stockinette stitch hat in a jumbo yarn like Grande. It’s not long and endless, like a scarf, or a swatch. We’re trying to get people hooked on knitting and if the seasoned knitters don’t like making a swatch, what makes you think new knitters will like it any better?

Projects will knit up quickly with Grande yarn from Red Heart. Just look at this 20 stitch swatch.
Speaking of swatches here’s mine. This is knit from 20 stitches, with the ball of yarn for scale.

Grande yarn has a recommended needle size of US 19 [15mm].

The moral of this story, your knitter-in-training will have a finished object in their hands quickly. It may take a couple days, but not the weeks it would take for something like a scarf. Grande is a joy to work with; the fiber content is 78% acrylic and 22% wool. This means the yarn is super soft and very easy to handle. There’s no worry about splitting or the twist coming out of the yarn. Grande is perfectly twisted and ready for any project you can throw at it.

The color Wintergreen really displays the twist definition perfectly!

There’s a lot of ‘air space’ in the yarn itself, so your garment feels very squishy and luxurious when it’s knit up. This is hard to explain, but perfect for your beginner knitters because if their gauge is a little off, Grande will help to hide this from casual observance. The yarn bends and stretches easily, giving more room to a gauge that is too tight, but also blooms outward, just in case their gauge is too loose.

Foggy and Teal are my two favorite colors together! Especially going into winter when there’s less green to see.

Grande comes in a variety of colors, one variegated and the rest are solids. The variegated called Barley and is light brown with dark reds and browns running through it. Very neutral and easy to color match with the other colors offered.

To take a look at all 14 colors, check out the Red Heart website for Grande.

The variegated yarn looks great when you’re knitting a simple pattern, but if you’re teaching beginners, I would suggest giving one of the solids a try first. The solids allow easier stitch visibility, so if your beginner is encountering problems it will be much easier to see.

This is the variegated yarn Barley.

This is just one instance of how Grande yarn can be put to good use. It’s a very sturdy and reliable all-purpose jumbo yarn. Any garment you want to knit in jumbo yarn will turn out beautifully in Grande. Perhaps after a hat, you might want to make the Drop Stitch Scarf, another excellent free pattern from the team at Red Heart!

This is part 1 of 2 in this series.

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