Happiness is receiving knitted socks and Akara Yarns in the mail!

It’s that time of year we, in the northern hemisphere, fight very hard to stay cheerful and bright in the deep winter. Knitting, for me, goes a long way to fend off the winter blues and I’m comforted by time spent knitting before sleeping, accomplishing yet another lovely knitted project.

Now and then comes a gift in the mail totally unexpected that brightens the day, or should I say the whole winter season?!

I have known my dear friend Ruth, of Crochet Designs by Nana Ruth, since 2004, where I first fell in love with her crochet designs. Soon after, she became a mentor to me as I launched A Needle Pulling Thread magazine in 2005. But! Ruth is also excellent at knitting and is meticulous in her design work and pattern instructions! Last year during the lockdown, she took on the challenge to knit 60 pairs of socks, a goal which she came very close to meeting at the end of 2020.

One of the lucky recipients of said socks is my husband John! See the beautiful socks she has knit for him?

Not 1 but 5 hand knit socks for John knit by our friend Ruth I. Forbes!

Like I said, Ruth is brilliant, she included a label for every pair of socks indicating the yarn content, washing instructions, and a little sample yarn should something happen to the socks (heaven forbid, but not impossible, right?)

A label for each pair of socks including the yarn content, washing instructions, and a little sample yarn

You might have guessed our reactions as Mom and I fondled these socks! Ruth responded with another package in the mail with these beautiful socks last month! The red pair is mine.

A pair of lovely hand knit socks for Mom in her favorite color: blue/teal

Light blue, deep blue, aqua blue, teal blue, any blue is Mom’s favorite color! And then there’s a pop of yellow – brilliant!

My pair of socks are fire engine red; I LOVE red.

Fire engine red socks will keep my feet toasty!

And you guessed it! Here are the lovely labels.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I had won one of the door prizes at our Toronto Knitters Guild virtual meeting in December 2020 and received it in January – another winter blues buster!

Rose, of Akara Yarns, has some of the most unique colorways in her collection of sumptuous yarns – you have to check these out! Her Merino DK yarn has a lovely sheen to it I can’t stop looking at. I won the Bear with Me colorway which has me dreaming of its project possibilities!

How lucky am I? …3 skeins of Akara Yarns in the Bear with Me colorway!

I’m so happy with these yarn-ful ‘gifts’ that arrived for me, they have helped to bust out the winter blues. Thank you, Ruth and Rose!

Stay warm, safe and keep on knitting!

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