I HEART Lion Brand Yarn Heartland | the story of 3 hats and a cowl

I came across Lion Brand Yarn Heartland quite by chance. It was in September 2022 when I was considering yarn to knit a cowl and hat set for winter for a young lady who is involved in a vibrant career. I was looking for a soft easy-to-care-for acrylic yarn in a medium gray. Hhmmm. After touching and considering many acrylic yarns at the store, Heartland in Great Smoky Mountains colorway was it!

You might have experienced the moment when you are lovingly gifted a hand-knitted item to wear and good lord! It’s a color you would never wear or simply doesn’t look good on you! I’m mindful of making sure the color will be adored and the pattern will be as close as possible to what the recipient might like.

So I snoop around, I ask the boyfriend, the wife, the daughter, or whoever knows the recipient very well enough to give me the answers. So far it has always worked! So, while I’m at it, why not make two hats?

LBY Heartland in Great Smoky Mountains colorway is the recipient’s favorite colour. It’s perfect for this hand-knit hat and cowl set.

Heartland is a worsted weight, sensationally soft, premium acrylic that comes in heathered and tweedy shades inspired by the natural beauty of the American landscape. The subtle shades of this yarn suggest landmarks like the Redwood Forest, the Everglades, and Yosemite National Park. Heartland is an easy-care yarn that is perfect for garments, blankets, and accessories. One ball holds 251yds perfect for a hat or two and a cowl. Since it’s ‘machine wash and dry’, it’s a no-fuss yarn.

Since I was exploring yarn that was new to me it was fitting to also try KNITTER’S PRIDE LANTERN MOON Destiny knitting needles. They are very smooth to knit with and sweetened the experience.

The first hat I knitted was the Twisted Stripes pattern.

The first hat I knitted was a twisted stripes pattern found on several sites. I found the stitch definition to be very good, which you can’t always predict beforehand on a yarn you’ve never tried before.

The pattern for the second hat is a free one too, Lion Brand Yarn Heartland Simple Texture Slouch Hat. As with all hats, it’s quick to knit up, and it’s always interesting to see it in a different colorway than the one shown in the original pattern.

Lion Brand Yarn Heartland Simple Texture Slouch Hat. As all hats, it’s quick to knit up!

I adapted my version of the Cayuga Cowl pattern originally designed for a different yarn by removing 6 stitches from the pattern and the second twist at the bottom edge. It has kept me warm all winter, particularly during my walks.

I knit two cowls based on the Cayuga Cowl knit up in the very soft and easy-care Heartland yarn.

Once I had finished my cowl, my young lady’s cowl and two hats, I was curious to see how the hat would knit up in one of my favorite colors – red. So, I used Lion Brand Yarn Heartland in Redwood colorway and started a third hat.

I was on a roll, curious to know what the hat would look like in Heartland Redwood colorway.

Here’s how it turned out.

The completed twisted stripe hat, front and back, knit up in Lion Brand Yarn Heartland, Redwood colorway!

My adventure continues, however. Whenever I make a hat I like to knit a matching scarf, cowl or small shawl, as you can guess from this post. I already started a matching shawl for my red hat and I’m using both Lion Brand Yarn Heartland colorways, Great Smoky Mountains and Redwood in the same shawl knit up in easy garter stitch. See how the little shawl turns out in an upcoming issue of our KNITmuch magazine. I promise to tell you all about it. In the meantime, enjoy your knitting.

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