Knit the Victory Hat pattern and modify it for a matching scarf

The Victory Hat is a lovely free pattern on Universal Yarn website. It was actually written for Amphora yarn so there are no adjustments that need to be made in the pattern itself. This is a single skein project and perfect if you’re just wetting your feet with cables.

As I mentioned yesterday in my review of Amphora yarn, its nature and benefits, I recommend wooden needles for a blissful knitting experience!

The finished project from the pattern Victory Hat. Pictured here in the color Oxblood.

The Victory Hat itself has one cable running up the side and it’s worked over 26 stitches. I knit a sweater approximately three years ago that had so many cables I was emotionally scarred.

This hat was a nice refresher and very low pressure. There’s only one cable and even though it’s worked over a lot of stitches, the crossings themselves were not overly complicated.

A close up on the cable for the Victory Hat pattern, knit in the lovely color Caspian. When you’re blocking the cable, make sure you’re blocking it very lightly. If you aggressively block your cable, it will flatten and lose all definition.

This pattern was very well written and the only feedback I could possibly give would be to include a chart. It’s really not as simple as being able to read instructions or not read a chart. Some people are visual and others can easily follow written directions when working on a project. I find the charts really help me to see the pattern in its entirety. I can see how the yarn is moving and what it will look like.

Knitting is a very three-dimensional hobby, think about trying to explain to someone how to pick up a stitch. It’s much easier to just show them rather than only trying to use words. Trust me, I’ve tried to explain it over the phone, it was worse than the blind leading the blind.

I drew up a chart for this pattern to use. The legend is at the bottom.

The Victory Hat pattern would be a very easy project to make a matching scarf to as well.

The cable is worked over 26 stitches and you would need a bit of a seed stitch boarder on either side. To make the scarf, cast on 42 stitches. Work in the same 3×3 rib stitch as the brim of the hat, and on your last pass of the rib stitch, place markers around the middle 26 stitches. There should be 8 stitches for your seed stitch boarder on either side of the cable.

If you want your scarf to be wider, you can always do two of the cables, but it’s all personal preference. I like the look of one clean cable running straight up the middle, but as I said, personal preference…

The swatch for the scarf pattern and the ball of Amphora in Caspian. This color is my absolute favorite, beautiful teals are hard to find!

The Victory Hat is a great project to get you started on cables, or bring you back from a long hiatus. You get a beautiful hat with clean lines and are able to modify it into a scarf that’s just begging to be knit.

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