Knitted projects that make you go, WOW!

I know I say this all the time, but this week’s posts are nothing short of amazing! Written by knitter extraordinaire, Cindy O’Malley of Cindoo Knits, she knows how to put a twist in every pattern she comes across.

I’m happy she’s sharing two sensational projects using Red Heart An Italian Story Luce and Baby Hugs Medium. With this combination, she’s walking you through the process on how to combine different yarn weights to accomplish the Cable Sweater Dress, to make a lovely version of this for the Christmas holidays.

The star of this week’s posts: Red Heart An Italian Story Luce and Baby Hugs Medium yarns

The Cable Sweater Dress, a free pattern by Red Heart modified for the holidays by Cindy O’Malley

To make the week even sweeter, don’t miss Cindy’s Cowl and Hat set made up in a knitted stitch pattern that looks complex but really is so very easy, you won’t believe it! It’s made up using Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium in a solid (Blueberry) and variegated (Daydream). What a combo.

There is so much ‘movement’ in this little duo, with so little effort in the knitting stitch! Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium yarn is soft for babies, can you imagine how it feels for you?

Do join us for all the details, the fun and the accomplishment!

Cowl and Hat set knit up in Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium

Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium in solid Blueberry, and variegated Daydream

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