Knitting a bobble stitch cardi while waiting for spring

This winter is gray: the days are short, and the sky is overcast, there is no snow on the ground, but the cold is here to stay for a couple of months. I will try to find a nice yarn and a good pattern to remind me that spring will come in due time.

I found two yarns in shades of yellow that remind me of blooming crocuses, forsythia buds and the sun that I miss so much, FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed – Ochre and UNIVERSAL YARN Penna – Manuka, both are fine yarns so they can be held together while knitting.

The stitch used in the pattern suggests flower buds in spring

The Roberta Bobble Cardigan – a free knitting pattern

The Roberta Bobble Cardigan is a free pattern, written for a different yarn but I think it will make a great spring cardigan and as the construction is straightforward, I can adapt it for the yarns I chose.

I read the pattern and decided on the yarn and all the tools and notions I need for the cardigan, and here they are, yarns and notions to lift my mood and make me think of spring and flowers!

The first yarn is a lace yarn, a mix of 50% baby suri alpaca, 22% nylon and 28% extra fine merino wool.

UNIVERSAL YARN Penna alpaca lace yarn in Manuka colorway

The yarn is light and fuzzy and as it has 50% alpaca yarn it will be warm. Garments knitted in alpaca yarn tend to “grow” while wearing, so it is a good idea to knit it together with a yarn that has more wool and therefore more memory.

FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed, skeins with labels.

The second yarn, FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed is a blend of 50% wool, 25% alpaca and 25% mixed fiber in colorway Ochre. The two yarns are almost the same color, they will blend well when knitted together.

While reading the pattern I noticed I will need stitch markers and a row counter. KNITTER’S PRIDE The Mindful Markers has 100 stitch markers, 5 types of them, they will help me keep track of the pattern.

KNITTER’S PRIDE The Mindful Markers – 100 pcs – assortment

The row counter is a must for this pattern and therefore I will use the KNITTER’S PRIDE Mindful Row Counter.

KNITTER’S PRIDE Mindful Row Counter – Teal and bag.

Join me tomorrow as I write more about the pattern, the bobble stitch and knitting with two yarns held together. FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed – Ochre and UNIVERSAL YARN Penna – Manuka make a beautiful combination.

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