Knitting the Basketweave Pillow pattern and joining jumbo yarn

You might have chuckled as you read my post yesterday on how my jumbo yarn swatch turned into an arm chair cover…It’s quite pretty and cuddly. But here are some real free patterns to consider making using Couture Jazz.

The Basketweave Pillow immediately caught my eye as a free pattern on Premier Yarns website. It was designed with Couture Jazz specifically in mind. There’s a little bit of a pattern to it, but nothing crazy that would trip up a beginner knitter. With the feel of brushed fiber against your skin, this pillow will soon be a super cuddly favorite.

The pattern photo from the Basketweave Pillow pattern

One thing in the Basketwave Pillow that’s non-negotiable is the needles. You would be able to use one needle size smaller, but the needles have to be able to fit the number of stitches the pattern calls for. With the straight needles I was attempting to use, I just couldn’t fit the 21 stitches.

You can see the stitches slipping off the end and I had only cast on 20. I would have never been able to put this project down without it unraveling.

I found much more good advice than I bargained for. When talking about joining the yarn, the pattern suggested sewing the yarn together with a needle and thread. As you’re sewing, tuck the raw edges of the yarn into the inside of the tube. I ended up doing a magic knot and cutting the raw ends totally out. Then I would just make sure the knot is on the wrong side of my work. Otherwise it looks like an elongated stitch to the front of the work.

How To: The Magic Knot (Yarn Join) | Easy Tutorial by Hopeful Honey – YouTube

Easy instructions on how to create the Magic Knot! BLOG

If you’re looking for a great place to start knitting with Couture Jazz yarn, this is it. The pattern is easy to memorize and will give you a great feel for the yarn. If you’re looking to do something more complicated with it, you can always adjust the pattern to make a matching afghan.

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