Knitting the front of a t-shirt to match the back – Making stripes work

Yesterday’s post was about knitting the back of the Blissful Tee t-shirt. The front part is very similar to the back, but the neckline shaping starts earlier. I’m using Universal Yarn Filly and KNITTER’S PRIDE Mindful 80cm (32″) Fixed Circular Lace Knitting Needle – 2.75mm (US 2).

It’s time to start the front. I need to find the same color change that I marked when I casted on for the back, then I’ll cast the same number of stitches as for the back and follow the pattern. The only difference will be the neckline shaping.

With the experience I gained while knitting the back, matching the colors around the neckline is easier.

The neckline detail on the front of the Blissful Tee

Because I used one ball of the Filly Sock Yarn for the back, I know another ball will be enough for the front.

The front and the back are now done. The color changes match better than expected.

Blissful Tee Front and Back in Universal Yarn Filly

Join me again tomorrow for the most exciting part: finishing the project using Universal Yarn Filly, KNITTER’S PRIDE Mindful 80cm (32″) Fixed Circular Lace Knitting Needle – 2.75mm (US 2) and Soak Wild Mint wash.

Universal Yarn Filly in the Kite colorway

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