Knitting the Lattice Stitch with Merino Mist

“Why would I experiment with a textured stitch with a highly textured yarn?” you might ask. I can tell you simply that the Lattice Stitch pattern I’m using in this headband looks perfect in Rozetti Yarns Merino Mist because the sheen of the viscose accentuates the lattice frame, and the fuzz fills in the eyelets a little. A while back Cindy O’Malley knit a sweater and a cowl with this yarn, two other great applications of it. Check them out. And if you’re only coming to this week’s series now on textured stitches, please see what I posted yesterday when I knit up a swatch of Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn using the Leaning Bud Stitch.

Sheen and softness make Merino Mist yarn an elegant choice.

This Lattice Stitch can be worked both in rows and in the round. I’ll share the instructions for a general swatch in rows, but below, I’ll give you the pattern for this headband, worked in the round, as well.


K = knit

K2tog = knit 2 together

SS(k1, yo, k1) = slip next stitch knitwise, slip next stitch purlwise, return both slipped stitches to LH needle, work (k1, yo, k1) into both back loops together.

P = purl

P2tog = purl 2 together

Rep = repeat(s/ed/ing)

Sts = stitch(es)

Yo = yarn over

[ ] = repeat between square brackets as indicated

In this close up, the Lattice Stitch highlights Rozetti Yarns Merino Mist yarn superbly!

Pattern Instructions for Rows

Cast on an even number of stitches.

Row 1: Sl 1, *SS(k1, yo, k1) **, yo; rep from * across, ending at **, k1.

Row 2: Sl 1, [p2tog] across to last st, p1.

Row 3: Sl 1, k1, *SS(k1, yo, k)1 **, yo; rep from * across, ending at **, k2.

Row 4: Sl 1, p1, [p2tog] across to last st, p1.

Let’s look at a video for some of the more intricate tips on working this stitch easily.

Pattern for the Headband (or Lattice Stitch in the round)

For sizes Child, (Lady’s Small, Lady’s Large)

With size 6US [4mm] circular needle, cast on 58 (64, 70) sts.

Join, being careful not to twist and knit one round.

Rnd 1: K1, [SS(k1, yo, k1)**, yo] around, ending final rep at **, k1.

Rnd 2: [K2tog] around.

Rnd 3: [SS(k1, yo, k1), yo] around.

Rnd 4: [K2tog] around.

I hope you really enjoyed learning the 5 textured stitches I shared with you this week on KNITmuch. The exercise of knitting textured patterns this week, using different yarns Deluxe DK Superwash, Bella Chenille, Cotton Supreme, Bamboo Pop and Merino Mist, has inspired many upcoming knitting designs.

I’d like to hear which of the textured pattern was your favorite and see a sample of it, share it on your social media with #KNITmuch. Until next time, happy knitting.

I have never seen a Lattice Stitch so easy to execute and so lovely to wear.

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