Knitting the Roberta Bobble Cardigan | progress and project notes

Yesterday I wrote about making bobbles and I shared a tip on holding UNIVERSAL YARN Penna and FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed together to knit up the Roberta Bobble Cardigan.

Beginning of work in UNIVERSAL YARN Penna Lace Weight and FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed, Knitter’s Pride Mindful stitch markers and row counter.

The swatch I did with the two yarns and circular needles LANTERN MOON Destiny Circular Needles 32 (80cm) – Size 3 (3.25mm) ordered for this project did not give me the required number of stitches and rows.

I had to change to size US 6 [4mm] circular needles and was able to get very close to the required gauge of the pattern:

26 sts + 39 rows = about 6” [15cm] over Stockinette st (knit on RS, purl on WS).

Even though the body of the cardigan is knitted back and forth, using the circular needles allows me to hold comfortably all stitches, and there are many of them!

The pattern is written row by row for the yoke section and I was able to go through it thanks to the little KNITTER’S PRIDE Mindful Row Counter that kept track of my work. I made a rule for using it: every time I started a new row, I clicked the row counter so that the row I followed in the pattern and the row number shown on the counter were the same.

The yoke progressed nicely:

The yoke of the Roberta Bobble Cardigan, the two yarns used for the project, row counter and fixed circular needles.

The LANTERN MOON Destiny Circular Needles are some of my favorite needles as they are light and elegant, and the cable is smooth and does not coil. Beautifully crafted in ebony, they help me enjoy my knitting even more.

The increases for the raglan and the V-neck make every row longer and longer and the bobble row takes time and yarn.

Finally, I finished the yoke. I need to divide the work for the body and the sleeves and continue knitting.

Join me tomorrow as I continue knitting the body and the sleeves and an endless number of bobbles that look like yellow crocus buds with FIBRA NATURA Kingston Tweed – Ochre and UNIVERSAL YARN Penna – Manuka


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