Knitting with Premier Yarns Sweet Roll, a self-striping yarn

This week we’ll take a look at this long repeat self-striping yarn by Premier Yarns called Sweet Roll.

These 2 rolls called Capuccino Pop (top left) and Caramel Swirl (right) make me thirsty to knit!

Sweet Roll is a worsted weight yarn and it’s 100% acrylic that is packaged in a yarn cake or “roll” format. It comes in 26 colorways (scroll to the bottom). Each colorway consists of long repeats of 3 colors, and each in each roll, the colors repeat at least twice per roll. The length of each color segment is fairly consistent. At the transition points the change from one color to another takes place over a 1″ or 2″ segment.

In some of the colorways, each color is dyed with a more heathered look, where several small strands of fiber are dyed different colors and then blended to create a mottled look.

This blend of cornflower blue and lavender fibers make up a heather color section in the Punch Pop colorway.

In other colorways, each color is more solid with the occasional speckle or dollop of one of the other colors from the scheme.

This cream section from the Pop Cappuccino colorway has speckles of an oatmeal beige distributed randomly across this stretch of yarn.

The ball band says that Sweet Roll knits up at 17 stitches per 4″, which makes it a tad bit thicker than a worsted weight, more like an Aran weight, but it’s a soft, ‘cushiony’ (for lack of a better word) yarn that has a lot of spring to it, so knitting at an 18-stitch gauge will work great as well. Each roll weighs 5oz (140g) and has 245yds (224m).

The architecture of Sweet Roll is really interesting. It consists of 4 individual plies that are twisted together to give the yarn nice definition. Each of these 4 plies is crimped or something like that. I don’t know what the process is called, but it gives the end result a crepe finish, and it also reduces pilling a lot. There’s no halo around this yarn, even after knitting and with the usual friction of rubbing against the sides of a project bag, my hands, and the needles. I didn’t have a chance to throw it in the washing machine, but I predict very little if any pilling.

4 plies are spun together to give this yarn a squishy texture and clean stitch definition.

The rest of this week, we’ll look at different patterns and stitches that really complement Sweet Roll yarn. I hope you come back to see what we have planned to share.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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