Leg Warmer Pattern using Red Heart Infinity Boutique yarn

Infinitely Warm Leg Warmers

Now that it’s officially fall, keep warm with these stretchy ribbed leg warmers using Red Heart’s Infinity Boutique yarn. It’s a simple pattern with a thick yarn, perfect for last minute holiday gifts or sudden cold weather. If you’re just getting back into knitting after a summer off, ease in with something soft, useful and quick.

Fuzzy leg warmers made with Red Heart’s Boutique Infinity yarn.

US 11 [8mm]1 set of dpns
1 ball of Red Heart Boutique Infinity yarn in color Enchanted
1 tapestry needle

CO 24 stitches over three needles, 8 stitches on each needle. Join into the round and work a K1P1 rib pattern. For the leg warmers pictured, I used one size needle through the whole pattern. If you’re concerned that your calves are a little more curvaceous between ankle and mid-calf, you can always start on 8mm needles and size up to 9mm or 10mm as you continue up the leg. The K1P1 rib pattern gives these leg warmers a lot of stretch so you may not need the extra space.

I love these leg warmers in this moody color!

Continue in this this pattern until the leg warmer is approximately 10″ long. Remember that if you are expecting your garment to stretch side to side, it will shrink in the length. Knitting garments can easily stretch in length or width, but not both. BO in Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off (hereafter referred to as JSSBO).

The idea behind JSSBO is to put more yarn into your bind off and maintain an excellent amount of stretch. This is perfect for finishing off socks, close necklines, or anything that will need to be stretched out in order to get it on. To BO, K1, YO, K1, you’ll now have three stitches on your needle to be BO. Pass the YO over the stitch to its left (like you would with a normal BO). Then pass the stitch on your right, over the left stitch. Make sure your tension is not too tight; the point is to keep it relaxed so this edge can slip easily over your heel.

This pattern can also be modified for arm warmers!

If you’re intending to size down the pattern for children or up for a larger calf size, any even number will do. The extreme amount of stretch makes this a perfect holiday gift, with very little sizing needed. I’m thinking stocking stuffer, or an excellent beginner pattern for someone looking to learn! Either way, it’s definitely fun to make this leg warmer pattern using Red Heart’s Infinity Boutique yarn. Enjoy!

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Vera K December 21, 2016 - 8:08 am
Such a fun pattern! I can't wait to try it - hopefully I have some cool yarn in my stash so I can start today!
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