Make a hand knit gift bag

For those who have put off holiday knitting

With a season of gift giving upon us there are bound to be gift bags near and far, but the hand knit gift bag adds the hand-made touch to any gift. The pattern I’m going to give you is for smaller items, but you can always use the technique we talked about on Wednesday to fit it to larger gifts such as shoes, purses, clothes, toys or anything else you’re in need of wrapping.

With a literal big red bow.

1 ball of Red Heart’s Cordial Yarn in color Sprout
1 set of double pointed needles US 5 [3.75mm]
1 tapestry needle

CO 28 stitches, join into the round and work in stockinette stitch for an inch. On the next round k2tog every nine stitches to evenly space a total of three decreases. Knit one round plain, on the next round every nine stitches kfb to increase three stitches evenly. Continue knitting in stockinette stitch until the bag is 5 inches long. Do the following decrease rows as follows.

Row 1: *K3, k2tog* Repeat till end
Row 2: *K2, k2tog* Repeat till end
Row 3: *K1, k2tog* Repeat till end
Row 4: *K2tog* Repeat till end

The decreases are every row to create a flatter bottom so the bag could be placed on a table and sit up on it’s own.

Thread your yarn through the remaining stitches and pull tight. Weave in all your ends. For the draw string you can either use some festive ribbon or an i-cord made from two stitches of the Cordial yarn. Weave in the string under one stitch and over three stitches. This way you’ll get the best closure.

This particular bag strikes me as the perfect accessory to store ornaments in. Since I was born, I’ve gotten an ornament for Christmas every year. I usually keep them in the boxes they came in, which are filled with foam to protect them. These little bags strike me as the perfect way to store these ornaments without the bulky boxes. It would also be perfect to give an ornament in as well. You could tighten the draw string around the ornament with the hook hanging out. This way it’s still on the tree, but a secret until it’s meant to be opened. That is, if you can trust that no one will be peaking.

The thick braided texture of this yarn gives it extra cushioning and will add protection to anything placed inside.

It also seems like an excellent way to make sure no small stocking stuffers are lost straight to the bottom of the stocking; things like chap stick, key chains, headphones, etc. Anything small that could get lost in wrapping paper and general holiday based enthusiasm. I’ll also note that some jewelry boxes are white, which is easily marked, or covered in velvet, which is a lint magnet. Anything of this variety could be kept safe within these small bags.

I know there are gift card holders sold at stores now, but a hand knit gift bag says so much more, and you can knit one in a single night.

We decorate our homes and offices with tinsel and color and it’s easier and easier to just buy a pre-made gift bag, but we are knitters, usually can’t resist the impulse to knit everyone something. There’s ample time before the holiday season to knit up a few of these small bags, so you need not worry about getting a late start. Even if they’re simply filled with gift cards, the hand knit accent adds a touch of love.

Knit faster. 5 full weeks until Christmas.

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