Making a swatch with Lady Sybil yarn

Yesterday we looked at the benefits of knitting with Lady Sybil yarn. Making a swatch with Lady Sybil yarn is important, as it is with every new yarn you come across.

Always start out with a good stock of colors! You don’t need to stick to Pearl Pink, Gull Gray and Stone Blue. Choose whatever colors tickle your fancy.

Gull Gray paired with Dusky Mauve

The acrylic in this blend ensures the fabric wouldn’t stretch once you’ve knit your garment. Pure mohair has a tendency to lengthen with exposure to time and gravity, but the synthetic aspects will help this yarn keep its shape. If there’s any wiggle room in respect to the garment changing shape it would have to be in the blocking process.

As with any garment you’re knitting, I would highly suggest making a swatch first and washing it, this is the only sure-fire way to see how the yarn is going to react to getting wet. I’m also a great fan of blocking all knitted work. It polishes everything up nicely and makes your tension look very close to perfect!

My blocked swatch in Lady Sybil

Here’s the perfect project for the season knit up with Lady Sybil yarn. 4 adjectives inspired by this yarn: soft, airy, light and warm.

Another great project recommendation is a shawl. Whenever I see lighter weight yarns I think of shawls. Even though I have knit relatively few. The way the color is set in the yarn, a really interesting stitch pattern would look really lovely in Lady Sybil. If you were looking for an opportunity to try out a new stitch pattern, check out our September posts on exploring a week-long of stitch patterns with Glenna Harris on KNITmuch.

While the yarn does have a halo, it wouldn’t diminish an intricate lace pattern or obscure any interesting stitches.

A soft halo around the yarn, makes Lady Sybil yarn so very soft.

If you don’t mind the hand washing process you can always go for bigger game and attempt a sweater. With Lady Sybil, anything worn close to the skin will be a treat; the fluffy softness of the yarn will keep you warm without forfeiting the fashionable aspects of hand knit garments.

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Laura S December 23, 2016 - 12:08 pm
This yarn looks so soft, love the colors!!!
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