Revolutions: A trendy gradient yarn meets luxurious winter coziness

This week we’ll be exploring the luscious softness and delicate gradations of color in a new-to-the-market cozy gradient yarn called Revolutions, by Universal Yarn. Currently available as a pre-order on their site.

Softness both in its texture and in its gradual color transitions makes Revolutions one of the most delectable yarns on the market this winter.

Revolutions is a beautiful yarn that is surrounded by a light halo, created by fibers that are spun in such a way to be light and airy, yet still offer architectural stability. The halo is created by a blend of acrylic, wool, mohair, and alpaca. These lofty and warm fibers are sturdily held in place by several strands of nylon thread that seem to braid and twist together, pinching the fluffy strands so tightly that shedding is minimal. The mohair and acrylic add a bit of sheen and reflect the light. Because each of these fibers takes dye differently, there’s a heathery look to each of the colors that flow through the cake. Some of the fibers are light or even white (I think it’s the alpaca), that provides a sense of uniformity and keeps the look soft and cozy.

Mohair and alpaca give Revolutions yarn the gifts of warmth and a lovely halo.

While the yarn designers have created a well-spun yarn in Revolutions, the colorists at Universal Yarn have chosen 4 to 5 colors to fade into each other to produce the gradients in each of the 8 colorways that are so popular.

Grape Attack is the name of this rich colorway for the knitter who likes regal knits.

Each 200g cake of Revolutions packs 612yd into its hazy, gentle blend of colors.

Each wheel of Revolutions is about 7″ [17cm] across the diameter and 3″ [8cm] tall.

This week we’ll explore the colorways of Revolutions and how the gradient transitions look. We’ll discuss tension and working with fuzzy yarns. We’ll explore some free patterns that make Revolutions look trendy and cozy. I’ll share my experiences with swatching and designing, too. Thanks for reading KNITmuch!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: Revolutions, a yarn that fades one gorgeous color into another

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