Sleuthing for knitting patterns you can make with Bamboo Pop Dots

There are a lot of search engines to find knitting patterns, but today I want to show you a feature on Ravelry you may not know about to help you find patterns you can make with any yarn, in this case, Bamboo Pop and the Dots colorways.

Silky smooth and full of drape, this speckled yarn is great for summer tops and baby blankets.

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing drape and durability of Bamboo Pop. It’s the perfect yarn for baby blankets, garments and more. I know calls this a #3 weight yarn, which is also called a double knitting, or DK-weight. In yesterday’s post, I revealed the fiber content and yardage. This information is key to using the advanced search tool on You can enter yardage, fiber content, weight and even gauge, and see what kind of patterns you could make with Bamboo Pop.

But first, I want to show you another easy way to find patterns. We can look for projects that other people have made with Bamboo Pop and see how they turned out.

Screen capture of Ravelry search page

Under the “yarns” tab, search for Bamboo Pop in the yarn search window. Then click on its “yarn profile page”. Across the top tabs, you’ll see one for “projects”. Click on it to see all the projects that have been made or are being made with this yarn.

Did you know that you can use a filter to drill down into the projects according to category? You can even optimize the search by the number of colors that were used, whether your friends have knit with Bamboo Pop, and even by color family. There are many more options.

In this example, it was easy to quickly find 143 baby blankets made with Bamboo Pop. This gives you an almost endless source of inspiration because you can see how the different colors turn out knitted up, and what patterns suit your taste.

Two summer tops that knitters have worked up with Bamboo Pop yarn: Rondeur and Palmer

I also did a search for some garments and found these lovely adult tops. Ocean Shale (not pictured) has the Bamboo Pop Dots on some of the stripes. This version of Rondeur is a gorgeous summer tee done in a multicolor Bamboo Pop. And by using several different colors to knit stripes, this version of Palmer would be great to wear to a beach party.

Adult and child garments look equally drapey and stylish knit in Bamboo Pop.

Above are three other possibilities: Pam’s version of Elfe, this cute lacy dress for a little one, and another girl’s textured summer top.

This stunning project shows how stretchy and shiny Bamboo Pop yarn knits up. It’s great for shaping as well as lace.

Hdewig on Ravelry says she’s going to use Bamboo Pop again for more summer tops like her version of Rondeur. I wonder if she’ll try Bamboo Pop Dots next?

Photos were used with permission from the knitters who made the Bamboo Pop versions.

Ravelry is a robust pattern search engine, and being able to see what others have knit out of a certain yarn is simply amazing. Tomorrow, we’ll look at some patterns distinctly designed to be knit with Bamboo Pop Dots, solids and multicolors, too.

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.
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