Square knitting needles? A skeptic’s review of KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubics

I hope you’ve given the two-handed Fair Isle knitting technique I talked about yesterday a try; it does enhance your knitting experience when using several strands of yarn at the same time. All week I’ve been knitting with Universal Yarn Uni Merino and Uni Merino Mini yarn and KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubics which have enhanced my knitting experience making the West Wind Hat pattern.

The beautiful set of KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubic double pointed needles

I’ve been knitting for 50+ years. I learned to knit with a set of straight metal needles. Over the years I’ve tried out all kinds of different styles of needles; straight single points, fixed circular needles and interchangeable circular needles. Out of all the needles I’ve used I can honestly say that it never once crossed my mind that square, yes I said square needles, would become part of my knitting tool kit. This week I had the opportunity to test the KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubics dpns (double pointed needles).

Even though I’ve tried a whole host of different styles of needles, they all had one thing in common. They were round! So, when I was presented with the opportunity to test out the KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubics dpns I must say I wasn’t 100% convinced I’d like them. I mean they are square!

I cast on to swatch for the West Wind Hat with a fair amount of skepticism. I wondered how my stitches would look. I also wondered how the needles would feel in my hands.

I was pleasantly surprised!

These needles are not only beautiful to look at, they feel lovely in hand. They are made from laminated beechwood and I loved the way they gripped the yarn as I knit. They are perfect for those knitters who suffer from hand pain or arthritis. The dpns come in either 6” or 8” and range in size from 2.0mm up to 8.00mm.

KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubic double pointed needles are beautiful to look at and they feel lovely in hand.

I knit the entire hat using these needles and I must say that I am no longer a skeptic!  The needles held my stitches throughout the project even when I threw my knitting into a bag to take along with me in the car. No dropped stitches at all! I felt more in control of my needles while focusing on the two-handed Fair Isle.

I’m convinced! I’ll be using these needles again for sure!

I hope you try this golden knitting combination: Universal Yarn Uni Merino and Uni Merino Mini, KNITTER’S PRIDE Cubics dpns, and an exciting and colorful two-handed Fair Isle knitting technique, all perfect for winter knitting. Enjoy!

A golden knitting combination!

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