Super Saver Chunky and Flecks!

Red Heart Super Saver yarn has been a customer favorite for over 30 years. A record like that doesn’t just happen, it’s earned. Not only is the original one of the most versatile yarns I’ve ever seen, Red Heart keeps doing new and exciting things with this yarn base.

super Saver in the color Denim

Starting with the basics, Super Saver is 100% acrylic, and machine wash and dry. It comes in over 100 colors, so there’s no way you won’t find the complementary (or contrasting) color you’re looking for. It’s a medium weight, perfect for everything from blankets to sweaters to hats.

A new Super Saver yarn! This one is called Buff Fleck.

We’ve already talked about Super Saver Stripes when they were being releasedNow we’re looking at Super Saver Chunky, and Super Saver Flecks and Heathers. Super Saver Chunky is the same great yarn, just more! The yarn is a little heavier, which is perfect for projects you want to knit up faster. The thicker yarn is great for the cooler weather we now have coming our way. If you have your eye on a chunky knit cable, this is the yarn you’ve been waiting for. The solid colors really make any kind of stitch work pop.

Super Saver Chunky in the color Claret

Flecks and Heathers is a new style of Super Saver and I love it! The look of a heathered yarn always struck me as very authentic. I think because when yarn is spun by a human person, it would have flecks of different colors and little parts that were a bit different from the rest. I’ve also got a mild case of OCD and like everything to look perfectly spaced and intentional. Super Saver Flecks and Heathers really fits the bill because it has the perfect tension, smoothness, and weight of a machine spun yarn, with the flecks and heathers making it look rustic and authentic. It’s the same weight and washing instructions as regular Super Saver, so nothing has fundamentally changed about it. Just a new look!

Super Saver in the color Dusty Grey with the washing instructions.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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