Sweet Striped Hat is so perfect knit up in Feels Like Butta yarn

Welcome back to my series of posts featuring 5 Lion Brand Yarns and 5 free hat patterns! Yesterday I shared the Caramoor Hat and how soft it is knit up in Mandala Baby yarn.

In this post, I’m playing with a yarn called Feels Like Butta, a 100% polyester yarn manufactured in a “chain” or “i-cord” fashion.

Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn

Feels Like Butta claims to “have the feel of chenille” without being chenille. If there’s one yarn you’re going to be hesitant to put on a baby, chenille, with its short fibers that little fingers can pull on just as they would the family cat or your favorite pendant, is it! So, Feels Like Butta would appear to be the best of both worlds: soft and safe.

Feels Like Butta comes in 3.5 oz [100g] balls, each of which has 218 yds [199m]. It is made from 100% polyester fibers, which, like Mandala, offers easy care for busy moms and comfort for babies.

The hat I chose for this yarn is the Sweet Striped Hat. It’s a bit of an involved pattern, as far as hats go, but it has some very interesting features.

Beginning knitters tend to struggle with picking up stitches (I know I did!). I found that the multi-directional aspect of this pattern not only offers ample practice, but the stripes in the design also make it a little easier to space the pick-ups. Rather than the two bright pinks in the pattern’s photo, I chose soft pink and pearly gray.

The ribbing is picked up after the front and back of the hat have been completed, which offers even more practice at picking up stitches. You must admit, the result is quite adorable!

This pattern also offers practice with seaming, as the front and back are made separately. This is a great opportunity for a novice knitter to practice mattress or ladder stitch.

Without further ado, I present the Sweet Striped Hat, made with Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn.

Sweet Striped Hat made with Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn.

Pop back for my next post tomorrow, when I’ll talk about one of Lion Brand’s “oldest and best” yarns: Wool Ease.

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