chic sheep

From Chic Sheep to An Italian Story

This week on KNITmuch, Cynthia MacDougall has an extraordinary week of yarn reviews looking at Red Heart Chic Sheep and the premium line, An Italian Story! She’ll tell you the important details about Chic Sheep, its beauty and outstanding colors! She continues the week with a post for each of…

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The anatomy of a pompom

The Road to Success Chic Hat we talked about yesterday happens to have a pompom on the top. There are several different ways to make a pompom and a couple different trains of thought about them. As a cat-mom, I usually forgo pompoms on my knitting, because they’re just too…

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Knitting the Road to Success Chic Hat

Talking of blocking yesterday made me think of things that are more difficult to block, hats, for example, need to have a specific shape and not have a line down the length of them. I like to combine steam and wet blocking for things like the Road to Success Chic…

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