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Hand Knit Snuggle Sack

A Trendy Baby Shower Gift A snuggle sack isn’t your ordinary blanket; it’s like swaddling without the careful wrapping. These snuggle sacks are becoming more and more popular over the past couple years and are an excellent shower gift. It’s like giving a baby blanket with significantly less knitting! Here’s…

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How to baby-proof buttons on knits

In Monday’s post, one of the tips for knitting for babies was to make sure the buttons were sewn on securely. You don’t want to have one of the cutest, and irreplaceable, sweater buttons get pulled off and lost; or worse swallowed. Use these tips for button sewing and placement…

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4 essential tips when knitting for babies

Knitting for children, especially babies, is one of the most addictive kinds of knitting you could find. Knitting tiny sweaters and blankets have all the fun of a regular garment with the added benefit of taking less time. Plus, they’re just too cute. However, here are 4 tips when knitting…

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