What you should know about Red Heart’s Cutie Pie Yarn

The very first thing that ran through my mind when I opened Red Heart’s Cutie Pie yarn was ‘omg soft.’ It wasn’t in a clear enunciated way either; it was in that muffled way that only truly soft yarn would be able to invoke.

Red Heart Cutie Pie Yarn is ‘omgosh so soft.

The texture of this yarn takes a couple of minutes to adjust to. When you’re feeling it all wound up in the ball it is very soft. When you go to cast on it’s still soft, but the texture likes to hang onto the needles a little bit. The very first time I cast on was with bamboo needles, but the stitches weren’t sliding particularly well. When I switched to wood needles my knitting was flowing nicely again. I checked how Cutie Pie did with metal needles and it went well. The smoother the needle surface, the easier my stitching went.

Playing with Red Heart Cutie Pie Soft yarn to see how it behaves with cables.

The chenille fuzziness of Cutie Pie yarn also means that all your stitches look even. All the stitches look smooth together rather than individual stitches being accentuated. If you’re looking for something to do color work in, this yarn would be great. If you’re looking for something to clearly define some cable work or a textured stitch, I would try something like Red Heart’s With Love yarn.

Playing with Red Heart Cutie Pie Soft yarn to see how it behaves with color work. Snowflake color work swatch

The swatch above is made with the colors Indigo and Cotton. While you can see the color work perfectly, it is more difficult to make out individual stitches. I think it makes any stranded knitting really pop and look much more realistic. When you’re knitting an intricate design, it sometimes looks pixelated. The velvet texture of Cutie Pie yarn makes the design slightly softer and adds depth to the picture you’re trying to create.

Even stitches and a fuzzy texture.

Cutie Pie is made with 100% polyester and washing instructions are machine wash warm, gentle cycle; tumble dry low. It’s the perfect yarn for baby knits with the ease of washing and the extreme softness. I tied a couple knots into my knitting to see if I could make it uncomfortable but the yarn is just so soft you can’t even feel where the knots are.

Washing instructions

Red Heart’s Cutie Pie yarn is a fantastic yarn for all things baby, but don’t stop there. Any garment that is worn close to the skin would lend itself well to this yarn. Soft, warm cowls and luxurious slippers would be particularly coveted. Don’t forget, the gift-giving season is only 16 short weeks away.

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