The easiest knitted mitten pattern you’ll ever encounter

This week it’s all about what to do with leftover yarn, and we started yesterday with an easy crafting and decorating idea.

I love the idea of hanging tiny little mittens on a Christmas tree or for general holiday decoration, which reminds me, a couple years ago I wrote the 6 essentials when knitting a holiday stocking with fur trim, another ideal project for leftover yarn. Make these two projects, and have mittens and matching stockings from the same yarn!

There are a variety of colors to choose from, you’re not limited to the color I chose!

I’m usually not a fan of knitting tiny little things like mittens or little stuffies. I like the idea of them, but actually knitting them daunts me. No idea why because once I start I’m reminded of how nice it is to have a nice quick project. The Mitten Ornament pattern is really nice to knit, quick and not overly complicated.

The pattern photo from the Red Heart website.

The mitten is knit flat and folded in half and seamed up the side once complete. The thumb side is the side you will fold. There are 8 stitches placed on a stitch holder there and you complete the thumb on dpn’s after the rest of the mitten is complete. This construction wouldn’t be as nice for a mitten you would be wearing on your hands because there is a seam up one side. It’s perfect for this application though! It makes it very easy to knit this tiny little mitten with less use of dpn’s.

This is the side seam for these mittens, it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re specifically looking for it.

The instructions for this pattern are very clear and easy, if you’ve never knit a mitten before and would like to, this would be a great way to get a sneak peek at how thumb gussets work. It’s a low stakes version of a bigger mitten. After knitting a couple of these ornaments, you’ll be good to go and knit the larger version for yourself.

The Red Heart Mitten Ornament pattern knit with Soft Yarn in the color Really Red.

After you’ve knit these up, perhaps you’ll be giving them out as gifts for those on your list next year. It’s the very definition of potato chip knitting, you can’t knit just one. Partly because mittens are always knit in pairs, but also because they’re so fun! Join me tomorrow for more knitting ideas using leftovers yarn.

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