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The FREEDOM to make alterations to knitted patterns

by Carla A. Canonico

I’ve had the joy of engaging in several needle arts hobbies for decades, like cross stitch, rug hooking, knitting, quilting and sewing. They have all fed a part of my soul that required a daily dose of creativity, mostly the kind of creativity that was also practical. “I’ll make something I need, but I’ll make it beautiful!”

Knitting and sewing garments, are the two crafts which allow a lot of freedom to alter the pattern to best suit the wearer in terms of fitting and decorative elements. Who can ask for more? Choose the yarn, the color, and decorative details, and you’ve got your favorite wearable ever!

You’ll love Cindy O’Malley‘s posts next week, starting June 24. While highlighting Fibra Natura Lina yarn, she’s chosen 3 knitted patterns to alter to her liking. Important tips abound and she explains how and why she altered the 3 garments. See the 3 patterns below.

The original Sprout Tank. See how Cindy has customized it for her niece.

The original Miss Molly Tee. See how Cindy has customized this for a mature woman.

The original Summer Poncho. See how Cindy has altered it into a cardi!

Join the exciting knitter Cindy O’Malley of Cindoo Knits! See her knitting adventure as she knits these 3 patterns up her way, using Fibra Natura Lina yarn.

The very soft and luxurious 100% linen yarn, Fibra Natura Lina.


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