The thick and thin of knitting with Unforgettable Waves yarn

The other yarn we’re talking about this week is Red Heart’s Unforgettable Waves from their Boutique line. This is a thick and thin yarn with a lot of texture. Even when I was unpacking this yarn one of the first things I noticed was the halo surrounding it.

Unforgettable Waves in the Spices colorway

Unforgettable Waves is thick and thin, and also lightly spun. This means that the yarn is a bit fluffier, where it’s thicker, anyway. It also gives it the look of a very smooth lopi yarn. The natural variation in the thickness of the yarn creates a lot of texture and interest in your stitches. The halo I mentioned earlier is the “fuzz” that surrounds the yarn itself. It creates a really nice soft effect which will make your individual stitches look more subtle. The focus is on the overall garment rather than the stitches themselves, which makes this yarn more forgiving if you have trouble with tension.

The fun and funky Parade colorway joins a ball of the Spices colorway. You can see the thick-and-thin nature of the yarn.

The different grist (thickness) of the yarn will change your tension to begin with, but the softness of the yarn will minimize any differences in gauge. If you’re having issues with your gauge and looking for a yarn that will be a little more forgiving this is the yarn for you. I would not suggest practicing your gauge with a yarn like this yarn. If you want to practice your knitting gauge I would go for something with a little more spring in it, like Red Heart’s With Love yarn. If you’re crazy about art yarns and only want to knit with thick and thin yarn then you’ll have a ball! I, personally, find it a little disconcerting to knit with thick and thin because all of the sudden your yarn goes really thin and my brain goes “OMG WHERE DID THE YARN GO…. Oh wait… it’s still there. We’re fine people. Keep it moving.”

So much texture but they look so neat at the same time!

Unforgettable Waves yarn is 100% acrylic which leads me into my favorite part again… machine washable and dryable! Yaaaay! I cannot stress how much I dislike hand washing things… “machine wash and dry” are music to my ears. The label does say to wash and dry on the gentle cycle, which I can completely understand since it’s not spun all that tightly. I can tell you as well, normally wool blooms a bit when you block something like this. I’m curious to see what will happen with this yarn since it’s acrylic. I think it will probably stay the same since acrylic is totally different to wool.

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Kerri October 27, 2016 - 2:45 am
This looks like an absolutely gorgeous yarn. So unique, that I just want to play with it.
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