What amazing cleaning tool do you get when you cross Scrubby yarn and slippers?

Scrubby Cotton is the ideal yarn for dishcloths, but what else can you do with it? There are a lot of projects out there (such as these wrapped letters) that make an excellent use of textured yarn, but let’s be honest, Scrubby was made to clean. While you can make lots and lots of plain dishcloths, you can also get creative with your knitting and cleaning apparel.

I love the Lemony color! It screams springtime at me!

I’m sure you can relate to this scenario. I have hardwood floors and cats, which means I’m constantly vacuuming up pet hair. Most of the time there isn’t a real need to vacuum except for the little fur balls in the corners. This is the cleaning situation that came to me while I was planning my articles for the week. A cleaning cloth has many great uses, but to get down on the floor and clean out the little nooks and crannies seems like it would be too much work. I also had some angst-y teenage flash-backs to my mother trying to get me to sweep the floors.

The pattern I used for this article knit up in With Love yarn. Knitting them in Scrubby gives them a really different look.

My whole problem was I didn’t want to get down on my hands and knees or awkwardly maneuver a broom or vacuum into these small corners. I would put off this cleaning task until I absolutely had to, or my mother threatened to take away my phone. My friends, I have found a solution! Scrubby slippers, or scrippers as I have been calling them for the past two hours.

Voila! A scripper, Scrubby slipper.

The Scrubby Cotton is not as slippery smooth as the original Scrubby when it’s dry, which makes it the perfect dusting cloth. Scrubby Cotton is also a medium weight yarn; the perfect substitute for With Love yarn. There are currently 71 free patterns on the Red Heart website that are specifically for the With Love yarn. The one I went with is called Slippers for Her. I didn’t make the flowers because that just isn’t my style, but if you want a little decoration on your scrippers then all power to you! I’ll mention that there’s also a pattern called Slippers for Him… just in case you were wondering…

Dirt, dust, and fur picked up off the floor. It sticks to the Scrubby Cotton really well, then you can just toss these in the wash.

These are the best thing since circular needles! You slip them on your feet and walk around. They attract the fur and dust on the ground and when you see the corners that need a bit of dusting, you just step on said hairball and it sticks to the bottom of the scripper. When I was testing out this I found I was dragging my feet along the ground as I walked, then I put music on, which only encouraged large circular sweeping motions with my feet. It only escalated from there, but my floors, baseboards, hardwood stairs have never looked cleaner.

Cleaning my baseboards with my scripper. I love these things! No bending over, no hands and knees scrubbing little corners.

I have had way too much fun knitting Scrubby Cotton into slippers. You could make all manner of garments: mittens for doing your dishes, gloves for dishes or cleaning anything intricate. The possibilities are endless, put a little bit of Scrubby Sparkle in there and you’re going to be the Dishes Diva. Who knows, this might even entice a husband or angst-y teen to help out with cleaning around the house. Join me tomorrow for more Scrubby fun!

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