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Wrapping it up | Glenna Knits

by Glenna C


It’s the last gasps of summer around these parts – Labour Day weekend hits this weekend and it’s back to school soon, and the temperatures have hit peak heat and humidity just to make sure we all realize that it’s still summer for a wee little bit longer. I mean sure, it’s also just over a month until Thanksgiving, and a week after that is Rhinebeck, and, uh, sweater season is probably coming up soon and, uh, um…

Okay but it’s still summer for a little bit, so I am spending a bit of time this week trying to put the final press on some projects I started over the last couple of months but haven’t managed to wrap up yet. I enjoyed quite a bit of “start-itis” over this season and now, well, the works in progress have to come home to roost. more…


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