4 free knitting patterns for Universal Yarn Colorburst yarn

Colorburst by Universal Yarn comes in generous 7oz [200g] beehive-shaped balls and there’s enough yardage on each one to knit either 1 complete project or several smaller ones. Yesterday, we looked at the structure of the yarn and why I like knitting with it so much. Today, I’d like to share some free patterns I searched that would suit this yarn well.

Two of Colorburst’s 10 colorways. On the left is Horizon and on the right is Cruise.

Let’s start with a small project. These two fingerless mitten patterns are free on Ravelry and both would suit Colorburst well because they would look great with the long-spaced color repeats and the way it works up with some texture to it, too. With 1 ball, you could knit 2 pairs easily and 3 if they were a smaller size.

Rainbow Rib Mitts by Gretchen Tracy works up on size US 6 [4mm] and US 7 [4.5mm] needles and comes in several sizes.

Highlight the gradient effect of Colorburst and keep your hands cozy.

Eyelet Arm warmers by Bonnie Groening have a spiral texture that would be enhanced by Colorburst yarn. The colorways Shoreline, Piquant, or Romance all contain pinks blended with other lovely complimentary colors.

Spiralize your stitches to warm up both your hands and arms.

The knitting designers at Universal Yarn have come up with two free patterns. One uses 1 ball of Colorburst and the other one only 2 balls.

2 balls of Lofoten colorway and a beautiful combination of texture, cables, and lace become this lovely poncho.

Colorburst has both brights and muted colors like this cream and gray Lofoten.

Try knitting the Dusk Poncho with only 2 balls of Colorburst yarn. There are two rectangular pieces that get sewn together to form a neck opening. If cables and lace are too challenging, you could work plain stockinette stitch rectangles instead.

Do you like feather and fan style ripple stitch patterns? If so, you’ll probably like this 1-ball project. Pictured here is the Juniper Berry Shawl.

Stripes compliment this lacey feather and fan stitch.

I really like the garter stitch ridges and how they are separated by elegant lacework. This would be a good introduction to lace stitches for a beginner knitter!

The decreases and yarn overs create shapes that look like fans in between the garter stitch ridges.

Today, I’ve shared some free patterns that you can make with 2 or 1 ball of Universal Yarn Colorburst. I’ve looked for patterns that combine textures that complement the long repeats of the space dyed gradient color blends. Tomorrow I explore how to disrupt stripes with textured stitches.

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