A HAND-y Tip for measuring your knitting

This post is going to be all about the lazy knitter, which I am. A teacher once told me that the tip of your index finger, from the last knuckle to the end, is approximately one inch. I measured my own and sure enough, it was one inch. This was a mind blowing experience for me. No more would I have to root around for a measuring tape when I just needed to measure an inch, no more eye-balling it because I was too lazy to actually find a measuring tape.

Even though my tape measure is really cute.

This got me thinking, which is usually extremely dangerous. If the tip of my finger is one inch, what about the rest of my hand? I started measuring. The second knuckle of my index finger to the tip is two inches; the entire finger is three inches. From the tip of my index finger to my wrist crease is 8 inches. More than once, I’ve been stuck somewhere without a measuring tape, looking at my knitting and trying to guesstimate how much further I should go. Usually it is because I was in such a rush to catch the train I totally forgot about measuring tapes and all manner of practical things.

The tip of my finger is one inch.

Of course this will be totally and completely different for each individual, but it would be an excellent thing to know; just in case. Depending on the projects you usually do, you might want to remember some bigger measurements. For example my wrist to elbow is 10 inches.

The one that is most useful to me is usually the index to wrist measurement. That is usually how long I make the shaft of my socks when I do them cuff down. I will use my index finger to measure when my cuff is an inch or two inches as well.

The tips of my fingers to my wrist crease. The perfect length for my socks.

If none of your extremities match a measurement you frequently need, you can always use other markers, such as freckles! I have two freckles on my arm that are approximately 2.5 inches apart. I rarely use that, but sadly none of my freckles are the perfect distance for my knitting use.

Two inches between these freckles

I hope everyone thinks this is as interesting as I do, and slightly less creepy than it seems to an outsider. These have been really useful to me and help enable me into becoming a true and undisputed part of the couch. I honestly think my tape measure runs away and hides when I’m knitting because I can never find it easily. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

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