Knit the Strata Cowl with a soft jersey yarn

From Crochet to Knitting

I was looking at the pattern of a crocheted cowl from the label of Red Heart’s yarn Strata and I wanted to turn it into a knitted cowl. Here’s my rendition of it, I’ve kept it ‘airy’ so it can be worn during the warmer months of the year mostly in the office or on a date in the evening. Strata yarn is super soft, like jersey fabric.

Finished cowl


1 ball of Strata in the color Aran
1 set of US 15 [10mm] knitting needles

The lovely yarn Strata in the color Aran.

Cast on 27 stitches. Always slip the first stitch in the row as though to purl, purl the first row, knit the second row, then purl the third row. Now you are ready to begin your repeat.

This yarn suits itself very well to the large needle size.

Row 1: (RS) K2, p3 *Repeat to end and add additional k2 for border.
Row 2: (WS) P2, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 *Repeat to the end with additional p2 for the border.
Row 3: (RS) K all stitches, drop the yos.
Row 4: (WS) P all stitches.

Mattress stitch the ends together and you won’t even see the seam.

Dropping the yos will feel funny, but I promise it’ll work. The large size of the needles ensures that you’re going to get a very airy cowl.

Can you spot where the cowl was seamed together? It’s not immediately noticeable laid out like this, and not at all when being worn.

This jersey yarn is really lovely on your skin and would be a delight when you knit anything that would be worn close to the skin. Cowls or even a shell for the cooler evenings.

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