Alter the knitted Any Day Beret for summer wear

The Any Day Beret is something that really caught my eye when I was scrolling through Red Heart’s patterns. I decided to knit it up in With Love yarn. It’s a nice light hat perfect for the autumn wear (and spring too!) Knit it now, and be ready for the fall season.

The photo from the pattern in a beautiful pink!

The headband creates a bit of interest by switching the direction of the stitches half way through the hat. It almost looks like a Brioche stitch with all the definition happening in the ‘arrows’.

The pattern going up leaning to the left.

This hat is suited to a plainer yarn a solid color in other words. If knit up in a variegated yarn the interesting stitch pattern and the patterned yarn would be too much. You would end up with a ton of excitement on the top of your head.

The Strata yarn I talked about in yesterday’s post would also lend itself well to this hat. Because of the bulk, it would end up being slouchy and you would (of course) have to adjust the amount of stitches you cast on. This is something easy enough to play with.

I would suggest putting stitch markers after each repeat of the pattern if you’re like me and can’t keep track.

I changed up the needle size and the amount of stitches I wanted to cast on With Love because I wanted the hat to be a bit more summery and wear it in the sun. I took the stitch count down to 64 and the needle size up to US10 [6mm]. This allows a lot more air space so the wind can blow through without making it look too loose.

And there is the switch! The pattern heads back to the right!

I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, With Love is the perfect all-purpose yarn, you can make anything from it; hats, mittens, sweaters, rugs, blankets. Simple patterns look great with variegated yarn and complex ones are accented by the true solid colors.

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