Bamboo Pop makes twisting eyelets lace pattern shine

Bamboo Pop has been featured on KNITmuch before, Charles gave a very thorough overview of this yarn in Knitting with bamboo-cotton yarn. And there are more posts that will stem from these posts under KNITmuch Bamboo pop yarn.

As this is my first time working with Bamboo Pop, I’ll scatter my thoughts throughout the week’s posts. I started by knitting a pattern called the Clematis Cowl. It’s originally written for a larger yarn, so if you like huge cowls with more drape, you’ll want to add more stitches.

The Clematis Cowl written for Classic Shades Sequins Lite

I wanted to see the differences in the pattern by simply changing the yarn and nothing else. I wasn’t surprised that the pattern looks beautiful, Bamboo Pop really shows off stitch patterns in a clean and clear way. The stitch used here almost looks like a bamboo stitch (bamboo yarn, bamboo stitch, the coincidence is killing me) except it has yarn overs. It creates a fun looking lace stitch. I alternated between two solid colors to give it a little more depth and I think it turned out really well.

The Clematis Cowl knit in Bamboo Pop

The recommended needle size is US Size 4 [3.5mm] which makes a good fabric. I found myself using a looser gauge because while this yarn does have bamboo, it also has cotton which does not stretch.

When knitting with cotton it’s best not to use a tight gauge or it will begin to hurt your hands. It’s something to pay attention to if you’re a naturally tight knitter. The Clematis Cowl did have stretch when it was finished. Through the looser gauge and the mixture of cotton and bamboo I could stretch the cowl over my head to put it on. As I mentioned before the circumference was not as large as the pattern. It was large enough to put around my neck twice and have it close. If you’re wearing this cowl inside of a coat to keep cold drafts off your neck it will be perfect.

The colors featured here are Grape and Royal.

First knitted garment with Bamboo Pop was a huge success. The Clematis Cowl looks great in this yarn, the work you put into the stitches won’t go unnoticed with this pairing. The pattern is easy to memorize but keeps you engaged so you don’t fall asleep while knitting it. And that’s always a good thing. Join me tomorrow, for knitting fun Bamboo Pop yarn.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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