The Waffle Stitch using Bamboo Pop yarn

Since the Clematis Cowl stitch worked out so well decided to try out other stitches. Bamboo Pop really is the perfect yarn for stitch work. The cotton bamboo blend will hold its structure well. You won’t have to worry about the stitch getting distorted with blocking and age.

Bamboo Pop in the color Royal worked with a Waffle stitch

One of the stitches I decided to test out was a Waffle Stitch. It consists of four rows repeated. Two rows of stockinette stitch and two rows of K2P2 ribbing. This creates a fabric with a dimpled look like thermal underwear.

It’s a stitch that doesn’t take a lot of mental bandwidth but creates a little bit of interest in your knitting. It also simply looks warm. The texture of the fabric has been associated with warm base layers, hiking in the winter, or layering up to go pick out a Christmas tree.

Bamboo Pop with a stockinette stitch swatch in the color Fairy Tale

Since this is a subtle stitch I thought Bamboo Pop would present it really well. The attractiveness of the stitch is in the hills and valleys of the pattern. While Bamboo Pop doesn’t have the springiness of other yarns because of the cotton, it’s great for a more subtle, less textured look to the stitches. If the garment you’re making is using a variegated yarn this stitches would add texture while not overpowering the garment. The best stitches are those that don’t take a lot of mental bandwidth to knit, but look beautiful nonetheless. This one can be added into just about any garment, it only takes a multiple of four stitches which is a small amount. It’s much more difficult to fit in something that requires a multiple of 11 stitches. Adding in those extra stitches can equal inches on a final product. Whereas if you’re one or two shy of four stitches, it won’t affect your final garment all the much.

Bamboo Pop in the color Grape and Turquoise

If you’re looking for a more delicate look to a rib stitch Bamboo Pop will work very well. The stitches are much more relaxed because of the fiber composition and won’t overpower your pattern. Check out the variegated colors of Bamboo Pop and consider this stitch if you’ve fallen in love with any of its variegated colorways.

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