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Easy knit late summer stole – perfect – using Red Heart Croquette yarn

by Charles Voth

Have you tried yesterday’s scrunchie, knit up in Red Heart Croquette yarn? This is a quick knit!

As the summer evenings start to cool down, you’ll need a light and ‘drape-y’ lace stole to keep that dewy night air off your shoulders. Red Heart Croquette yarn has some fun color transitions and a little bling, and it will knit up quickly. This particular design is an easy introduction to lace knitting for the beginner knitter, as you work on lace motifs for only few a rows and across a few stitches, and then you get to work in garter stitch for a while.

This summer lace stole is a good introduction to lace knitting.

This lace stole is knit with 2 different needle sizes. The lace panel is knit with the larger needles, which provide the drape and sway that will occur where the stole will fall off your shoulders. The smaller needles are used to create the scalloping ridges.

Only 2 cakes of Red Heart Croquette in this pink colorway, Spice Market, are needed for this design.

These are the stitches you’ll need to work this design.

k = knit

k2tog = knit 2 stitches together

p = purl

ssk = Slip 2 stitches knitwise, one at a time, then put the slipped sts back onto the left needle tip and knit them together through the back loops.

yo = Wrap the working yarn under the right needle (between the needle tips), then over the right needle to the back (counter-clockwise).

(k, yo, k) in 1 = Knit, leaving the stitch on the left needle, then yarn over, and then knit into the same stitch. Slide the stitch off the left needle.

These are the chart symbols to knit up this stole.

It takes 3 cakes of the main color of Croquette in the main color, Stonehenge, to make a 6-foot [183cm] stole.


You’ll need US8 [5mm] needles to knit the looser rows that contain the lace panel, and US5 [3.75mm] needles to knit the scalloped ridges.

This motif is 13 stitches wide. Simply cast on more stitches in groups of 13 for a wider stole.

Pattern Starts

With Spice Market and smaller needles, cast on 114 sts.

Rows 1-2: Knit across, (114 sts).

Row 3: [K2tog, k15, ssk] 6 times (102 sts).

Row 4: Knit across, (102 sts).

Row 5: [K2tog, k13, ssk] 6 times (90 sts).

Row 6: Knit across, (90 sts).

Row 7: [K2tog, k11, ssk] 6 times (78 sts).

Row 8: Knit across, (78 sts).

Row 9: Change to Stonehenge, knit across, (78 sts).

Row 10: [K4, p2, [yo, p1] twice, p1, k4] 6 times (90 sts).

Row 11: [K4, ssk, k3, k2tog, k4] 6 times (78 sts).

Row 12: [K4, p1, yo, p3, yo, p1, k4] 6 times (90 sts).

Row 13: [K7, [yo, k1] twice, k6] 6 times (102 sts).

Row 14: [K7, p1, (k, yo, k) in 1, p1, k7] 6 times (114 sts).

Row 15: Knit across, (114 sts).

Row 16: [K8, p3, k8] 6 times (114 sts).

Rows 17-18: Change to Spice market, knit across, (114 sts).

Row 19: [K2tog, k15, ssk] 6 times (102 sts).

Row 20: Knit across, (102 sts).

Row 21: [K2tog, k13, ssk] 6 times (90 sts).

Row 22: Knit across, (90 sts).

Row 23: [K2tog, k11, ssk] 6 times (78 sts).

Row 24: Knit across, (78 sts).

Repeat Rows 9-24 until stole measures 6′ [183cm] or desired length.

I hope you try this summer stole and easy lace and scallops motif.

I was truly surprised by the beauty and softness of Red Heart Croquette yarn. The twist on it is very tight, but it still is elastic. I’m guessing the acrylic content contributes to this. The color transitions aren’t faded into each other gradually, but in all of the 11 colorways, the colors coordinate very well, so the change doesn’t seem abrupt to me. This yarn is very affordable, so even with 5 cakes in the stole, the project won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Yesterday’s scrunchy project was a hit with my wife, and I’ll be knitting a few more of them, and I have to spend a bit more time on this stole to finish it so that she can wear it to the theater in the early fall. I hope you find a use for this lacy summer stole, too!

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