New yarn: Red Heart’s Scrubby Sparkle

We covered Red Heart’s Scrubby for one fun week last year in May, but Red Heart has gone and made it better. I’m so pleased to have a chance to play with their new edition of the Scrubby yarn, Scrubby Sparkle, and give you a sneak preview of this very fun yarn!

Scrubby Sparkle in Grape, Blueberry and Avocado

It’s still the Scrubby yarn you love, and we wrote about, but with a bit more sparkle added in. Not to mention that classic Scrubby is now available in variegated colors! This is fantastic news to dishcloth knitters everywhere because, needless to say, dishcloths get dirty! Variegated patterns also hide that dirt a bit better than a solid color. Check out the patterns we posted for Scrubby yarn last year: exfoliating soap pouch, chevron double thick dishcloth and heart and star stuffies.

Our Chevron Double Thick Dishcloth from last year’s articles!

Now that we’ve covered the classic Scrubby, we can talk about the newest addition to the scrubby family; Sparkle! The construction is a little different, the strand is a spikier looking with strands of a translucent fiber and fibers the color of the yarn. Where classic scrubby is more irregular, this fiber is more consistent creating an even surface. It is also a little bit less course than regular Scrubby. The fibers, while more regular, are also a little thinner. As a result this scrubby is less course, which makes it ideal for using it in the shower. Exfoliation is good, but Scrubby Sparkle is a good alternative for those seeking a milder treatment.

A close up on Scrubby Sparkle fiber construction.

Scrubby Sparkle is 100% polyester, the same as Scrubby, and machine washable! I posit that dishcloths are one of the absolute best hand knit gifts you could make someone. Machine washable makes it that much better, plus I don’t think it makes sense to knit a dishcloth out of something that needs to be washed carefully. Scrubby Sparkle is definitely hearty enough to be put in the washer and drier even though it looks delicate and pretty.

You can really see the sparkle from this angle.

This week we’re going to go back to Scrubby yarn, explore Scrubby Sparkle and look at patterns together. Scrubby is so unique, it’s one of my favorite yarns we have reviewed here. I’m elated to be revisiting it and I can’t wait to see how this new yarn: Red Heart’s Scrubby Sparkle, will knit up.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.
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Julie Waldron March 12, 2017 - 9:13 pm
This looks like great yarn & I love the sparkles.
Chris December 21, 2016 - 3:26 pm
I'm following this series because I love making scrubbies.
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