Red Heart Lacy Summer Shawl

A Garment that Retains the Best Memories of your Summer

This lacy summer shawl is knit up with Red Heart With Love yarn. When I was looking at this yarn with designing patterns in mind, I kept coming back to a memory of camping as a child. After the sun had gone down and everyone was showered we would sit by the campfire and tell stories and talk. There were always copious amounts of blankets, shawls and wraps to wear and I can’t help but think this one would have fit right in.

Summer lace shawl in the color Eggshell

1 Ball of Red Heart With Love in Eggshell
6mm (US 10) circular needle with a 32inch cable
1 Tapestry Needle

Cast on 3 stitches to start the three-stitch garter tab shawl cast on. Knit 6 rows. Knit 3, pick up 4 stitches along the edge of the tab you’ve just knit, then pick up three more along the other side of the tab (where you cast on).

The beginning of the garter tab shawl cast on. Click through the link for a video tutorial.

Set up Rows
Row 1: Knit 3, Yarn Over, Knit 3, Yarn Over, Knit 3
Row 2: Knit 3, Knit in the front and back of next 5 stitches (or until there are only 3 left) and Knit the last 3.

What that wonderful edge looks like when you’re finished!

Pattern Rows
Row 1: Knit 3, Yarn Over, Yarn Over, *Slip 1, Knit 1, Yarn Over, Pass Slipped Stitch Over* Yarn Over, Knit 3
Row 2:  Knit 3, Knit in the Front and Back, Purl until the next Yarn Over, Knit 1, Knit 1 Through the Back Loop, Knit 3.

For Row 1 of the pattern row, you are going to be passing that slipped stitch over a knit stitch and a yarn over. I know it is two stitches, but that’s what makes the really pretty lace pattern!

This lace pattern has an easy rhythm to it. Once you get into the groove, you’ll be finished before you know it!

Continue in this pattern until the shawl has reached the length you desire. The shawl in the photos did not use one complete ball, but feel free to keep going for two balls if you so choose. Just make sure to save a fair amount for the bind off because it will be the longest row.

All those yarn over’s will make your bind off edge match the rest of your shawl.

Bind Off
Row 1: Knit 3, *Yarn Over, Knit 2 Together* Yarn Over, Knit 3
Row 2: Knit 3, Knit in the Front and Back, Knit until last yarn over and Knit in the Front and Back, then Knit 3
Row 3-5: Knit all stitches

Bind off with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, or another technique that allows the bind off edge to have some flexibility. You’re ready to wear your lovely shawl! Mine was a little curly immediately after I finished knitting, due to the lace pattern, but after one wash it was completely tame.

A shot of the back in full-patterned glory.

A lovely lacy summer shawl that is versatile enough to fit in on a campground or in an office, made with touchable soft yarn. This garment is going to be a staple in your seasonal wardrobe and with all the fun colors you can make enough for the week!

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