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Self-striping yarn makes swirls and stripes color work easy and stunning

by Michelle Nussey

The last pattern I want to go over is the Swirls and Stripes Mosaic Bag pattern. The day before yesterday we talked about lace knitting in depth, this time, we’re talking about color work. One technique with self-striping yarn that is one of my absolute favorites is color work. I love the fact that your yarn will change colors without any weaving in ends or splicing ends.

Take your market bag from drab to fab with the Swirls and Stripes Mosaic Bag, it's a free pattern from Red Heart using their great self striping yarn Super Save Stripes!

The pattern photo for the Swirls and Stripes Mosaic Bag

If you’re new to color work and want to make a really impressive garment, take a look at this pattern. It’s a color work bag, but instead of using two solid colors, swap one out with a self-striping yarn like Super Saver Stripes and Super Saver. The colors will shift as you knit along making it look like you used a lot of different colors and managed to swap them out as you went along. Meanwhile, you’re simply knitting with just two colors. This is also great for travelling projects. If you don’t want to drag 6-7 different colors around with you while travelling one skein of Super Saver Solids does the job of all those other skeins (who you only needed part skeins of anyway). You’re really getting your money’s worth with one skein of Super Saver Stripes.

Simply replacing one solid color with a self-striping yarn will really make your color work patterns pop.

Here is a small example swatch of the Swirls and Stripes Mosaic Bag pattern. I LOVE the color changes. I just knit the pattern, did nothing else. It looks amazing!

If you’re looking to see how two yarns are going to knit up together, this is a perfect small project. Now that grocery stores are charging for plastic bags, who couldn’t use an extra re-usable bag? I know I have lots, but never seem to have one when I need one. With something you’ve knit yourself, you’re going to keep it in mind for when you’re headed out the door to the grocery store.

Swirls and Stripes Mosaic Bag could even be reversible. Rock that reverse fair isle look, using Red Heart's Super Saver Stripes!

I will admit that I am not really into reverse fair isle knitting (it’s basically your color work garment inside out), but I will say I like the way this looks. You can see even more of the colors. I would even consider swapping places between the gray and the Super Saver Stripes. It would work similarly.

I love the look of projects like philosophers sweaters, but weaving in all those ends gives me nightmares. I’ve finally found a way to get that sweater and keep my sanity! I can just knit along with Super Saver Stripes and the colors will change as I go. No overtime required!

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