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3 yarns perfect for baby


Welcome to baby week here on KNITmuch, as I go over 3 yarns perfect for baby: Red Heart’s Soft Baby Steps, Comfort Sport and we’ll revisit Cutie Pie yarn. Here’s a general overview of these three yarns, I’ll link back to the Cutie Pie articles since we have already talked about it.

All baby yarns in lovely pastel colors!
All baby yarns in lovely pastel colors!


My first impression of Red Heart’s Soft Baby Steps yarn, was “omgsoftsoftsoftysoftsoft” because it was just that soft. It’s like a fluffy silky cloud spun into a tangible fiber. I was duly impressed when I looked at the fiber content and realized it was 100% acrylic as well. This saves all the trouble of giving washing instructions and worrying about a baby gift being thrown into the washing machine when it needs to be hand washed.

Colors Baby Blue, Baby Yellow, Baby Green and Binky Print
Colors Baby Blue, Baby Yellow, Baby Green and Binky Print


The yarn itself has a very faint halo around it that makes it look soft, but not enough to decrease any stitch definition. Soft Baby Steps yarn is also slightly shiny, not in a sparkly kind of way, but the way silk yarn has a little bit of a shine to it when you’re looking at it from an angle.

It’s also a worsted weight (Medium 4) so it works up quickly on a 5mm or US 8 needle. Worsted is one of my favorite weights of yarn because you can knit things up relatively quickly and the stitches are small enough that you can still add stitch detail that would be impossible on thicker yarns.

Doing a baby sweater in bulky yarn would knit up very fast, but you would be hard pressed to do things like cables, or honeycomb stitches; the material would be very thick.

Comfort Sport in Denim, Light Blue and Turquoise
Comfort Sport in Denim, Light Blue and Turquoise


The second yarn that is perfect for baby projects is Red Heart’s Comfort Sport. My first reaction was “holy moly that’s a big ball.” Out of all the yarns I’m reviewing here, this is the biggest ball of the trio.

Most balls of yarn are 100g to 150g; depending on the weight of the yarn the actual yardage changes. Sometimes sock yarn is sold in 50g balls so you get one sock per ball. Taking that as an average, you’ll empathize with me when I say Comfort Sport comes in a 350g ball, in a sport weight that comes out to 1144yds or 1050m. You can make a 20″ x 30″ baby blanket with just one ball.

With this yarn it would not be hard to come up with one-ball projects; they would be more properly labeled 5-project-balls.

This yarn is also 100% acrylic and machine washable so there are no worries about lengthy washing instructions scaring off a giftee from using a hand knit gift. The sport weight is a light (3) yarn so it would lend itself very well to detailed work. The yarn itself doesn’t have a lot of texture, the twist in the yarn isn’t highly visible.

Cutie Pie Yarn in color Tulip
Cutie Pie Yarn in color Tulip


Since I already talked about Cutie Pie, I’m just going to link to the quick overview I did here.

That’s the general overview for our 3 yarns perfect for baby from Red Heart, Soft Baby Steps, Comfort Sport and Cutie Pie. Watch this space tomorrow for a comparison between the three with ideal project suggestions and more knitting fun.

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