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Smooth and speedy knitting with Hue + Me

by Cynthia MacDougall

Where is the time going? It’s been 5 months since I took my first look at Lion Brand Hue + Me yarn! Back then, I only dedicated one post to it – this time, it’s a whole series of five which will include information about several stitching techniques. In this post, though, we take another look at the yarn itself.

Three balls of Hue + Me yarn with a white ball band rest on a worn white bench with an arbor and trees in the background. A soft gray yarn (haze) is in the foreground with rosewater (a soft peach) behind it on the left, and agave, a soft medium green almost the color of blue spruce, on the right.

With Hue + Me, all colors complement one another. Here, (l-r) rosewater goes with haze, goes with agave.

Hue + Me is a designer yarn that is color-curated for people who have difficulty matching colors. Every color of this yarn was designed to complement every other color in the Hue + Me line. So, if choosing colors isn’t your strong suit, this is the yarn for you!

Hue + Me is an 80% acrylic, 20% wool yarn that comes in 4.4oz [125g] balls. It is a 4-ply bulky weight, with a gauge of 14 sts over 4″ [10cm] on size 10.5 [6.5mm] needles. Worked on size 10 [6mm] needles, you can probably achieve, or at least approximately achieve, a chunky tension of 16 sts to 4″ [10cm]. The 4-ply construction makes a robust yarn, and the angle of twist makes a lovely, smooth yarn which offers great stitch definition.

A strand of Hue + Me yarn lays horizontally on a textured white background. The medium green strand is frayed on the left side of the photo showing the four kinked, untwisted plies.

The strong angle on the twist of this 4-ply yarn gives great stitch definition, and the frayed end shows the softness in each ply.

The theme of the post back in June was all about free hat patterns. I found the most delightful pattern written specifically for Hue + Me: the Trio Toboggan. Just one ball each of 3 colors makes 3 hats, just by changing up the colors for each one. When I found it, I thought this would be great for making ‘friendship hats’ for your best buds or your kids’ best buds!

This photo shows what the trio looks like when you follow the instructions.

A hat sits over a wooden form on a white table and background. The hat has a ribbed peach brim and pompom. The body is green, and there’s a diamond pattern just above the brim in a soft gray; Lion Brand Hue + Me

I followed the pattern for this hat, except I didn’t have the right size needles. So, I knew this hat was going to be smaller. It barely covered my ears, but it fits a friend of mine just fine.

I, however, can be a bit of a rebel when it comes to knitting, so my second and third hats turned out a little differently. It’s one of the pitfalls of being a designer; the desire to experiment tends to take over from time to time.

This Trio Toboggan pattern is like a popular brand of 3-sided snacks – bet you can’t make just one! I couldn’t! The whole concept of breaking up the elements of the pattern and switching them out to get more mileage out of the yarn is brilliant in my mind, and is just one of the options for working with Hue + Me yarn.

Throughout this series, I’ll be looking at some basic stitch patterns, shawl collars, making a pocket with double knitting, and finishing the top of pockets, all with Lion Brand Hue + Me.

This is part 1 of 1 in this series

Go to part 2: Seed Stitch and Moss Stitch and Hue + Me yarn


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