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Uptown Worsted Mist, an anti-pilling acrylic yarn


Welcome! This week I’m looking at two yarns, the first is Uptown Worsted Mist. A variegated yarn that will add color without overwhelming your stitches. It’s a part of the Uptown Worsted group, which sounds a little bit like a band name, so you know it’s going to be cool. The colors you find in Uptown Worsted Mist can be echoed in the Uptown Worsted collection. If you’re looking for a complementary or contrasting color, you’ll be able to find one.


Uptown Worsted Mist in the color Lavender
Uptown Worsted Mist in the color Lavender


Uptown Worsted Mist is 100% anti-pill acrylic. This was the first time I had ever heard of anti-pill acrylic, but it makes sense. Preventing pilling will give your garment a longer life and will look new and fresh much longer. You invest a lot of time in your projects and using anti-pilling acrylic you won’t need to shave or remove pills from your garments anymore.

Pilling is a problem in high-wear areas. One of the most popular places to find them is underarms in sweaters. Knitted fabric rubbing against knitted fabric creates friction, which drags fibers the tiniest bit out of place. This compounded over the course of a garment’s life will cause pilling in the short term and garment thinness in the long term. If those fibers are getting out of place and pilling, then you’re shaving them off, you’re working away at the fiber of your sweater.


The colors Sage (left) and Sapphire (right)
The colors Sage (left) and Sapphire (right)


Staying in line with the theme of low-maintenance garments, Uptown Worsted Mist is also machine washable. The technical instructions are machine wash in cold water and tumble dry low. If you’re looking to keep your garments neat and nice for a long period of time, low heat is the way to go! Heat denatures fiber proteins causing them to stretch and warp in ways they don’t naturally, which is how you can straighten or curl your hair.


The color Steel Grey with a swatch so you can see how it knits up.
The color Steel Grey with a swatch so you can see how it knits up.


If you’re looking for a fantastic low maintenance yarn Uptown Worsted Mist is a great choice. The colors are beautiful and the yarn is soft, you really cannot go wrong. It also has an appropriate name for a review this close to Halloween.


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