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Hot fun in the summertime with cool cotton

by Cindy O'Malley

Welcome to another week at KNITmuch, where I’m working with Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme Speckles. This sumptuous, worsted weight 100% cotton is incredibly soft and perfect for summer garments and accessories. To complement the brilliant pops of color that decorate the creamy base, I’m also using a solid color of Cotton Supreme.

But that’s not all, because this week, I’m knitting, crocheting, corking, and weaving, and washing everything in Soak, a rinse-free laundry product that is as gentle on your skin as it is on your clothes.

Cotton Supreme Speckles is available in 6 different colors all with whimsical names like Popsicle and Festival of which I’m using Fruit Punch. The solid color version, Cotton Supreme is available in 45 different colors, but I’m using Cotton Supreme DK in Lavender, which is one of 22 solid colors.

Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme Speckles and Cotton Supreme DK, French Knitter, Soak

Cotton Supreme Speckles in Fruit Punch, Cotton Supreme DK in Lavender, a French Knitter and Soak.

Cotton Supreme Speckles is classified as a Worsted Weight yarn, however, I’m more inclined to call it an Aran Weight. Each 3.5oz [100g] skein contains 180yds [164m] of cottony softness. The recommended gauge is 17sts x 23rows = 4” [10cm] using a US8 [5mm] needle, which is why I consider it to be an Aran Weight. Cotton Supreme DK contains 230yds [210m] in a 3.5oz [100g] skein with a recommended gauge of 21sts x 28rows = 4” [10cm] using a US6 [4mm] needle and is just as soft as its bigger cousin.

The strands look similar in size but the DK is definitely finer.

Individual strands of Cotton Supreme Speckles and Cotton Supreme DK

I have a bit of a confession to make. When I ordered the Lavender solid color, I intended to order Cotton Supreme, but I made a typo in the stock number. When Cotton Supreme DK arrived, I thought to myself “Oh No!”, but it turned out to be the better choice for my projects.

I mentioned that I’ll be corking, aka French Knitting. When I get together with my knitting pals, we all refer to it as corking so I don’t know when it became known as French Knitting. When we were kids, many of us had homemade versions. Dad would hammer in finishing nails on the top of an empty thread spool and Mom would contribute leftover yarn. That was my first one until I got a real corker in my Christmas stocking.

I use Soak regularly to launder my knitwear. It’s a great product for hand or machine washing your knitwear or delicate fabrics. This week, I’m using one of my favorite scents, Lacey.

Cotton Supreme is machine washable in warm and tumble dry, making this yarn perfect for a cottony soft baby blanket, however, this week’s projects are not for babies… well, maybe a beach babe as grownups deserve cottony softness as well.

The theme for this week is beachwear as well as tubes and cords — all kinds of tubes and cords in both knitting, crocheting, and corking. Here’s a sneak peek as to what’s in store for this week.

DeeDee the mannequin sporting the projects planned for this week.

Sneak peek into the projects planned for this week using Cotton Supreme Speckles and DK.

Who’s that lovely lady off in the distance looking like she’s headed for the beach or pool? That’s DeeDee the mannequin. If you can’t quite make out what she’s wearing, you’ll have to wait until Day 5 for a close-up view.

But first, I need to put both the yarn and corker to the test.  I hope you’ll join me tomorrow as I knit some swatches with Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme Speckles and learn how to cork again.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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