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Bathroom Benefits of Knitted Scrubby Cloths

by Michelle Nussey

Benefits of Using Scrubby Cloths in the Bath

Most of this week has been about the uses of Scrubby cloths in the kitchen, but they also take the cake for uses in the bath. The room we clean the most is the kitchen, but the bathroom comes in at a close second. Not only are we cleaning the room itself, but also, that’s where we clean ourselves! Let’s discover the bathroom benefits of knitted scrubby cloths…

Double Thick Scrubby Dishcloth

Double Thick Scrubby Dishcloth

One of the first benefits I thought of for Scrubbycloths in the bath was exfoliation. Everyone always tells you how important it is to exfoliate. It improves the texture of your skin; makes it softer. It gets rid of dead skin cells that can emphasize fine lines and if you’re prone to breaking out, exfoliating leaves pores clean and unclogged. Adding a Scrubbywashcloth to your daily routine can help those skin care products penetrate deeper and even out skin tone. The cloths are exfoliating, but not so rough you’re worried about the top layer of your skin.

Scrubby Soap Pouch, stay tuned for the pattern tomorrow!

Scrubby Soap Pouch, stay tuned for the pattern tomorrow!

Exfoliation is very good for you, but there are hundreds of products out there all promising the same thing. Most of them are a lot more expensive than a ball of Scrubby yarn though. I’ve seen exfoliating products priced upwards of $30 and that’s on the low cost end of things. It takes less than one ball of yarn to make a washcloth that will last and is personalized to your taste.

Many bath and spa products are the same color of beige, which is natural looking and completely boring. Adding your own fun twist and pop of color will re-vamp your linen closet.

Scrubby washcloth with handmade soap.

Scrubby washcloth with handmade soap.

Hand-knit washcloths are something everyone covets. It’s one of the first things a lot of people request and a popular first project. Scrubby yarn has a very fun and different look, which puts a new spin on an old favorite.

Pairing a Scrubbywashcloth with a bar of moisturizing soap makes a great gift. The absolute best part of this gift, is the fact that you can make as many cloths ahead of time and give them out as the need arises. Have you ever forgotten a birthday until it was too late to start knitting something? Never again; just have a few washcloths and bars of soap wrapped up and ready to go. Instant hand made gift!

If you don't want to stuff the Scrubby stuffies from yesterday, just do half the pattern for a single layer wash cloth!

If you don’t want to stuff the Scrubby stuffies from yesterday, just do half the pattern for a single layer wash cloth!

Last, but never least, is the cleaning power. Not only are these cloths great for cleaning yourself in the shower, but the shower itself.

I would suggest keeping these two cloths separate, perhaps color coding them? You really don’t want those cleaning products working on you rather than the soap scum. I’ve used rags and a couple different brushes and sponges over the years to clean my bathroom, but I’m suitably impressed with my Scrubby cloths. It’s got the texture to help with soap scum and tough stains, but doesn’t scratch shiny surfaces.

It’s excellent to have a cloth that does tough scrubbing and a light wipe down all in one!

Nothing makes a powder room more inviting than a hand made touch.

Nothing makes a powder room more inviting than a hand made touch.

Scrubby cloths are very versatile cleaning tools, taking their benefits from bathroom to kitchen without pause. Not very many things can stand up to hardcore cleaning and the occasional light once-over. These cloths are fantastic and I can now tell you with complete certainty what all my friends and family are going to get for gifts over the next couple years.

Knitting up these bathroom scrubby cloths in a flash is my favorite of the bathroom benefits of the knitted Scrubby cloths.


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