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A new spin on garlands with Red Heart Sashay Fringe yarn

Decorating your home with yarn!

Holiday garlands have been an essential part of seasonal decorating for a very long time. They were originally fashioned out of flowers and leaves, so why wouldn’t we try fur? This garland is made out of Red Heart’s Boutique Sashay Fringe yarn.

When we talked about Sashay Fringe last month, there was a video to make sure everyone knew how to knit with it. Since we’re making a garland I am linking back to this video again. There are fewer stitches in this pattern so it is going to go really fast.

Here's a close up of our finished product!
Here’s a close up of our finished product!


1 ball of Boutique Sashay Fringe in color Indigo
1 set of needles in US 9 [5.5mm]

CO 3 stitches in the manner shown in the video. Using the very edge of the webbing (furthest from the Fringe edge) knit those three stitches. Turn your work and knit back. This garland is worked entirely in garter stitch from start to finish, so it makes excellent TV knitting!

This would be the place to put your needles when casting on.
This would be the place to put your needles when casting on.


The counterpart to Boutique Sashay Fringe yarn is the Boutique Sashay Collection. These yarns have a similar effect when they’re knit up. You still get the voluminous ruffle, but there are different edgings; metallic, sparkle and sequins. All these other sections of the Sashay collection also come in a plethora of colors as well. If you’re trying to match a particular color scheme you’re sure to find the complementing or contrasting color you’re looking for. I’m particularly drawn to the Cabernet color of Boutique Sashay Sequins yarn, it looks very festive to me.

Looking lovely draped across a Christmas tree
Looking lovely draped across a Christmas tree


This yarn is so versatile that you really don’t have to stop at garlands! On the Red Heart website, they have links to hundreds of patterns with these yarns. The Hang With Pride Wreath pattern can definitely be adjusted to the correct season with a quick color change. It is technically a pattern for crochet, but if you wanted to adapt it for knitting you can simply follow the instructions for the garland found in this post and leave the stars out. The rest isn’t crochet specific so the instructions work either way!

These garlands not only add that pop of color, but texture as well.
These garlands not only add that pop of color, but texture as well.


Don’t settle for the store bought decor this year, dress up your home with fur, sparkles and yarn. Isn’t that every knitters dream? To have the walls, ceiling, shelves and basically every available surface covered with yarn. Join me tomorrow for more knitting fun.



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  1. Connie Kline

    I would never have thought to use this yarn as a tree decoration! I’ll trying this one for sure.

    • Knitted ornaments are a fantastic touch as well. The quickest knitting tree decoration I’ve ever seen was someone who bought the clear plastic ornaments and filled them with their odd ends of yarn. Just the little tails and bits snipped off here and there. So simple, yet so creative!

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